The International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations will feature plenary sessions by some of the world’s leading thinkers and innovators in the field, as well as numerous parallel presentations by researchers and practitioners.

Verna Allee Maria E. Burke
Susan Bolt Richard Harris
David P. Boyd Cynthia Lee
Marcus Breen Kathrin Zippel

Garden Conversations

Plenary speakers will make formal 30-minute presentations. They will also participate in 60-minute Garden Conversations - unstructured sessions that allow delegates a chance to meet the speakers and talk with them informally about the issues arising from their presentation.

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The Speakers

Verna Allee
Verna Allee, M.A., is President of Value Networks LLC, dba™ (™).™ is the leading provider of value network visualization and analysis applications. Customers include Cisco, Boeing, SAP, eBay, Roche, Rolls Royce Marine Engine, Knoll, Kimberly-Clark, AgResearch (New Zealand), Mayo Clinic, Environment Canada, The Institute of Public Health Ireland, GAN-Net (Global Action Network Network), and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

Ms. Allee, a noted author, is an expert and pioneer in value networks, intangibles, knowledge management, and new business models. She is a Fellow of the World Business Academy, advisor to the European Commission, and was a member of the Brookings Institution Task Force on Intangibles in the late 1990s. She is on a number of Advisory and Editorial Boards including Hazel Henderson’s Ethical Markets television series, Inside Knowledge, and IC (Intellectual Capital) Magazine. She also is a founding sponsor of the Value Networks Consortium (

Ms. Allee has been a visiting lecturer at many universities around the world, most notably at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles), Greenwich University (London), Hanken Swedish School of Business (Helsinki), University of Waikato (New Zealand), and Cortrugli Business Academy (Croatia). Her publications include numerous articles and books, including The Future of Knowledge: Increasing Prosperity through Value Networks (2003), The Knowledge Evolution (1997), and co-editor with Dinesh Chandra of What is True Wealth and How Do We Create It? (2003).

Susan Bolt
Susan Bolt provides professional support and leadership in the area of teaching and learning for academic staff at Curtin Business School in Western Australia. Her research interests include adult learning, organisational change and the scholarship of teaching. As a result of her PhD research Susan developed an integrative model of professional learning in dynamic environments. Through the use of this model she encourages the integration of formal and informal learning to enhance human resource development. Moreover she is interested in furthering an understanding of how best to truly integrate knowledge from the disparate fields of education, business and psychology to enhance learning in the workplace. Susan is the winner of the International Award for Excellence in the area of knowledge, culture and change in organisations.

David P. Boyd
David P. Boyd is a Professor in the Management and Organizational Development Group of Northeastern University’s College of Business where he served as dean for seven years. He has published extensively in the area of organizational psychology and organizational power. His papers have appeared in such journals as the Harvard Business Review, the Sloan Management Review, and Organizational Dynamics. His research on entrepreneurial leadership has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal. Professor Boyd holds a BA from Harvard University and a D.Phil. from Oxford University, England.

Marcus Breen
Marcus Breen is an Associate Profession in the department of Communication Studies at Northeastern University, Boston, USA. He has worked as a researcher, an academic, a consultant and a journalist. He currently teaches in the Department of Communication Studies at Northeastern University, Boston. He moved from Melbourne, Australia where he was teaching at The University of Melbourne, to teach in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1996. His academic specialization is political economy and policy in the Information and Communication Technology industries.

Dr. Breen’s work background includes consulting and advisory experience with Gartner, Multimedia Victoria -State Government of Victoria, Austrade - Federal Government of Australia, Center for International Research on Communication and Information Technologies and numerous clients. As a journalist he worked for Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Music Business International, News Corporation. His most recent book is Rock Dogs: Politics and the Australian Music Industry, Pluto Press.

Maria E. Burke
Dr. Burke’s research is based in the area of Information Management. She currently holds a position at the University of Salford’s Business School within the Information Systems Group which was awarded a 6* rating in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise. In addition she is a Visiting Fellow at the Jagiellonian University in Poland and has held visiting posts with the Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Budapest University of Technology and the Nicholas Copernicus University in North Poland. This work has led to two books; keynote speeches at international conferences; a significant number of conference papers and related book chapters.

Richard Harris
Richard Harris is the Alec Cairncross Chair of Applied Economics and the Director of the Centre for Public Policy for Regions at the University of Glasgow, UK. His research interests include micro-analysis of firm/plant level productivity in the UK using panel data; differences in (UK) regional performance; evaluation of government industrial policy; and, relative performance of UK SMEs. Future research includes Gibrat’s law - estimates for UK industry; Evaluation methodology for impact of government assistance on TFP; and, Relative performance of family-owned SMEs.

Richard joined the University of Glasgow in October 2004 to take up the positions of Cairncross Professor of Applied Economics in the Department of Economics and Director of the Centre for Public Policy for Regions. He previously held positions at the Universities of Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham and Portsmouth in the UK and Waikato in New Zealand. He holds degrees from the Universities of Belfast, Lancaster and Kent. He is currently co-editor of Regional Studies journal.

Cynthia Lee
Cynthia Lee is a Professor of Management and Organizational Development in the College of Business Administration at Northeastern University, Boston, USA. Professor Lee teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Organizational Behavior, International Management, Organizational behavior in co-op settings, and Leadership in diverse and multicultural environments. She has taught Ph.D. seminars on employment relationships at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Professor Lee initiated the consulting project at the graduate level, and her initiative has been adopted and integrated in the CBA’s graduate program. She has also started a fundraising class project, which teaches students various leadership and team-work related skills, at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Professor Lee’s research interests include managing change, performance management, and Chinese management, including group processes and effectiveness, understanding the changing nature of psychological contracts, workplace justice, and effects of job insecurity.

Professor Lee served as visiting professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 1995-1997. She also facilitated a pay plan change implementation at Polaroid Corporation and assisted them with numerous survey projects 1991-1997. Professor Lee served as assistant professor of organizational behavior and human resource management at Temple University prior to joining the College of Business Administration faculty in 1987.

Professor Lee serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior and as the associate editor of Applied Psychology: An International Journal. She is also a member of the Academy of Management and Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

She received her PhD in Organizational Behavior from the University of Maryland; her MA in Organizational Communication from Ohio State University; and her BA in Broadcasting and Journalism, from Ohio State University.

Kathrin Zippel
Dr. Zippel is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. Before coming to Northeastern, she received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Since then, she has focused her research in the areas of political sociology, gender and European studies. Some of her most recent publications include; ‘The Politics of Sexual Harassment: A Comparative Study of the United States, the European Union and Germany’ (Cambridge University Press, 2006), ‘The European Union 2002 Directive on Sexual Harassment: A Feminist Success? in Comparative European Politics’ (2007), ‘Transnational Advocacy Networks and Policy Cycles in the European Union: The Case of Sexual Harassment. In Social Politics’ (2004), and ‘Paid to Care: The Origins and Effects of Care Leave Policies in Western Europe. Co-authored with Kimberly Morgan in Social Politics’ (2003).

Dr. Zippel is the co-winner of the Victoria Schuck Award of the American Political Science Association for the best book published the previous year on women and politics. The book received an Honorable Mention from the American Sociology, Sex and Gender Distinguished Book award committee.